“You use a glass mirror to see your face; you use works of art to see your soul.”

― George Bernard Shaw, Playwright, Critic and Polemicist 

Ha Ha Theatre is a unique, mobile theatre designed to move and perform in any room for any audience (house, office, restaurant, school, etc). 

In our The Love Of Money Show, puppet coaches teach us how to become successful and rich. Puppets do it seriously and responsibly.

Meanwhile, spectators smile, laugh and try to discover for themselves what is more important than money.

The show running time is one hour.

Ha Ha Theatre has exclusive professional puppets, a demountable stage, great lighting, and sound equipment. The compact stage dimensions (width 10’, height 8’, depth 6’) allow performances in any space.

We will make your important day unbelievable and unforgettable!

Feedback From Our Grateful Spectators

Lana Sirenko, Certified Dental Assistant

A genius Ha Ha Theatre Producer, and Actor Eduardo, gave into this business all his talent, enthusiasm and soul. He is a well-rounded great artistic man. His persistence, diligence and faithfulness to Arts impressed me the most. I wish success to the crew and great appreciation from audiences of all parts of Great Vancouver. Go Ha Ha, Go!

Len Sirenko, Building Maintenance Manager

Eduardo’s Show and Crew made me laugh for an hour, nonstop. What a great idea to bring the entire show to your home. Unbelievable! The puppets are very amusing and perfectly made. I would highly recommend this Money Show to everyone to watch and enjoy!

Alex K., Senior Business Analyst

I’ve had the joy of watching this spectacular show lately. This is truly something you won’t see anywhere else. Very entertaining and really fun both to listen to and watch. I highly recommend watching this show with the authentic ‘touch of European charm’!

Tim Zhou, Software Developer

The idea of a Mobile Theatre sounds absolutely fascinating and captivating not only for the form of delivery of Art right to your door but also for unbeatable convenience. It is a chance for the audience to watch the show in a relaxing atmosphere at a convenient location and time. Best of luck to Ha Ha Theatre!

Jason Lee, Court Agent

The Money Show is in essence a witty, satirical commentary on the brash personalities to whom we are subjected more and more in this age of social media. It left a profound yet light-hearted impression on me and my friends, and I recommend it to all who are interested in viewing a theatrical production presented in a way in which theatre was designed to be experienced.

Yulia Rapaich, Administrative Assistant

A friend invited me to watch this show at her house and I thoroughly enjoyed the production – it had an overall light ambiance thanks to his adorable puppets, but the show itself was intelligent and tickled my brain.  It was a completely new experience for me, and after the show, my friends and I discussed it over supper at her dinner table and danced afterwards.  It set a beautiful tone for our evening.  Thank you, Eduardo – great work!